Last minute holiday

So it’s December 31st. The last day of 2013. I got into work cradling my travel cup of tea to warm up my cold fingers.

I began talking to my colleagues which was slow work because it’s only just after 8am and i’m not awake enough to speak Chinese properly.

It’s now almost 9am and one of my students has just walked in. One of my colleagues reminds her we’re off tomorrow. “Off tomorrow?” I ask shaking off the last clutches of sleep.

As it turns out I am off tomorrow but as usual it was a last minute announcement.

Happy last day of 2013!


Hairdressers in China

I finally decided, after years of pondering, to get a perm. My hair has always been naturally poker straight. I’ve tried countless times to curl it for nights out to no avail.

Loads of chinese girls, and boys, get perms. They are very popular here. One of my 6 year old students has a wonderful perm!

So I thought I’d be in safe hands. As usual when i entered the hairdressers they all stopped and stared at me open mouthed. I’m probably the first foreigner they’ve ever seen. One of the hardships of being one of only a few foreigners in a city of a few million chinese people.

I let my boyfriend do the talking because even though he’s a foreigner, he’s Asian so him speaking Chinese doesn’t freak them out as much as me speaking chinese does.
So I showed the guy in charge of my hair a photo of what I wanted and then spent the next 3 1/2 hours sitting with cling film in my hair and weird heaters circling my head and making me feel just a little bit like Professor X.

After it was all over the guy in charge of my hair asked me to take photos with him so that he would have evidence that he styled a foreigners hair. I’m willing to bet my photo got circulated amongst the guys working there and if history repeats itself, my photo will be all over the shop.

Bills in China

So I’ve been living in China for almost 5 years and when it comes to bills, it’s always been the same routine. The bills get superglued to the front door, leaving behind a residue that only comes off with nail polish remover.

So my water was running almost at a standstill and I thought the pipes had frozen up. So I called my landlord he contacted the water company for me and it seems the bill hadn’t been paid. I told him the bill hadn’t come (I thought the electricity and water bills were combined.)

So while I was at work, the landlord came to the house and showed my boyfriend where to find the bill…….Under the manhole cover that covers the water pipes!!

China never fails to amaze me!