Daily prompt: SOS


You’re at the beach, lounging on your towel, when a glistening object at the water’s edge catches your eye. It’s a bottle — and yes, it contains a message. What does it say?


It’s still early. No one else is at the beach yet. Jet-lag is a pain, but at least the quiet is nice before everyone else comes down to the beach. The ocean is beautiful. So blue and shiny? What’s that?

I get off my towel and head down to the ocean where the tide is pushing something shiny onto the shore. Is that a bottle? Who threw rubbish here? I sigh and pick up the bottle. 

Wait… this isn’t trash, there’s a note inside. I wonder what it says? I look around but the beach is still deserted. I pull the cork out of the bottle and carefully pull the paper out. It looks very old and there’s some damage were water must have leaked in.

I unfold the paper and begin to read.


My dearest Emily,

As I write this letter to you now my heart is filled with sorrow. Our ship has begun to sink and I only have moments left before it is claimed by the sea. I want you to know that my happiest memories are all of you and of the time we shared. I’m sorry that I will never get to meet our child. If only i had stayed home like you asked instead of taking one last trip.

I promised we would be together forever, but I have broken that promise. I hope you can forgive me. I love you with all my heart and soul.

Yours forever,



My eyes overflowed with tears and I sank to my knees on the warm morning sand. I heard the voices of the first group of people heading down the to beach. I quickly put the note back inside the bottle and seal it tight. I throw it back into the ocean and hope that the message carries to Emily and that her and Edward can one day be reunited. 



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  1. Martha Kennedy
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 18:02:12


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