Carbonated bubble clay mask

My search for the perfect face mask has been ongoing (even though the Tony Moly masks I reviewed before are pretty much as close to perfection as I’ll ever get)

I’d heard about this type of mask through several youtube beauty gurus trying it out and decided that I just had to try it out myself. So I went onto Amazon and found one for a decent price. Delivery time wasn’t ideal, mainly because I’m spoiled with Prime, but despite what my initial email said, I actually received it much faster than I thought. 

The packaging is super cute!

The mask itself has a faint smell to it, but it smells wonderful!

Almost as soon as I started applying it to my face I could hear it starting to fizz!

It took a few minutes for the bubbles to appear…

But when they did, they consumed most of my face. That photo was taken after around ten minutes of my mum laughing at me, hence why the top of my forehead no longer has any bubbles on it. 

A quick rub in then rinse with warm water and my skin feels amazing. My skin feels so smooth and clean. 

I got it just a little too close to my eyes (Mainly because I hadn’t expected it to fluff up so much) so just under my eyes feels a little sensitive (but I do have ridiculously sensitive eyes). 

I have super sensitive skin but I didn’t have any sensitiveness or itchiness after using the mask. Definitely a good purchase!