DIY: Crayon melt (With pictures!)

 I love arts and crafts, however I can’t draw to save myself so I had to find something else to satisfy my urge to do something arty. So after spending a very long time on Youtube, I found some great ideas! 

Something that really caught my eye was crayon melting. So I decided to give it a go! I took photos along the way in case anyone fancies trying it too! 

First of all, I taped lots of paper together to protect my floor and wall as the hot wax goes everywhere.DSC_0829



Then I grabbed my crayons!


I soaked them in warm water to make taking the labels off a little easier.


Next, I broke up the crayons into smaller pieces.





Then I grabbed my canvas…




and my hairdryer!


Time to get started!

I kept the hair dryer on medium heat and power but it still got pretty hot so I used a ruler to hold the crayons, otherwise they just blow off the canvas. They do stick on their own after a while.



Starting with the second colour!


This project can get messy!


Really messy.. It takes some time, so be patient and keep at it! Once the wax dries, if you’re not happy with it you can just heat it up again and keep going!

This is the final result. I’m not 100% happy with it. I wish I’d used different colours, but not bad for a first attempt! 😀

  DSC_0842 DSC_0840

With black acrylic paint, I painted some important words on top the crayon melt once it had dried.DSC_0847



I hope you like my Crayon melt tutorial! If you try it I’d love to see a photo!

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