Not over you…

Jimin stood on stage in the small club. His hand caressing the mic in front of him as he crooned out his bands newest song. A large group of girls stood squealing at the front of the stage. He smiled at them and winked at a few, knowing that a little fan service would keep them interested. But there was only one girl he was interested in.



Writing: blogs and stories

I’m new to this whole blogging thing but I’m lucky enough that there seem to be people out there who are enjoying reading my blog.  However, long before I started writing this blog, I was writing stories, fan fictions to be precise. I was wondering if anyone else out there writes stories as well? I’m still a complete novice at both blog writing and story writing but I really want to improve. I’ve been working on my own novel for a while as well.

If anyone is interested in anime and would be interested in my stories, here’s my username     

If any other writers read this, send me a link to your stuff! I’d love to read! 😀


Daily prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

Two sisters suddenly find themselves involved in an ongoing battle between those who wish to protect the planet, and those who want to destroy it.

Nina and Jaimie Andrews are your average teenage sisters, but they have a secret.

They are the chosen ones, burdened with the task of protecting the planet from those who wish to destroy it. As if college life wasn’t stressful enough!